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Infinity Evolved Reloaded [EXPERT]

Infinity Reloaded Expert | 4.3.1
-| Eat My Beast - EMB.OVH |- IP
Infinity Evolved: Reloaded - Old-School Meets New-School in expert mode

||| MAKE SURE TO RUN : /packmode expert |||

Relive the classic Infinity Evolved experience, now updated for 1.12.2. With the iconic Expert mode, 250+ quests, and a Discord community, we've got something for everyone.

What's Inside:
Expert Mode: The challenge you missed is back.
250+ Quests: Hat tip to Aaronhowser1.
Top Mods: All your favorites, from Thermal Suite to Thaumcraft.

Client: 5-8 GB RAM
Server: 5-12 GB RAM

Note: We're fans, not FTB. So hop in and start your adventure!